Bust Busyness and Create Time for What You Want

Unlock the Secrets to Achieving Balance and Fulfillment in Your Life

Are you tired of the habit of being busy?

Tired of being a slave to your thoughts and emotions?

Do you want to feel more relaxed, recharged and reconnected?

You are not alone! Many people, professional or not face these challenges these days, but there are so many ways to get out of that pattern of doubt and fear.

What this does:

This technique from the best-selling book, “Engineered to Love: Going Beyond Success to Fulfillment”, helps you bust busyness and have more time by teaching you two techniques to help you actually relax easily and quickly.

Would you ever try to chop wood with a dull ax? Being busy dulls the mind and relaxation sharpens it.

The first technique connects you with your purpose of being a love machine that loves your life and everything your life touches.

The second technique lets you connect that inward feeling that was cultivated to the outer world with an open-eyed technique that lets you practice relaxing in the present moment and being with what comes up in the moment.

Ready to break free from the cycle of busyness and reclaim control over your life?

Don't let busyness lessen your potential.

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Here’s what you get:

  • Chapter 5 PDF explaining how busyness is just another habit.
  • PDF explaining how to bust busyness.
  • 5-minute Guided Audios for the powerful techniques
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